Artikel over de foutieve taxonomie in de Atlas of Creation

Auteur: Thierry Backeljau et al.

Thierry Backeljau, verbonden aan de Universiteit van Antwerpen en het KBIN, publiceerde recent een artikel waarin hij taxonomie gebruikt om de argumenten in Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation onderuit te halen. Het artikel (in het Engels) is hier (pdf versie) vrij beschikbaar.
De abstract luidt as volgt: The present work aims at illustrating how taxonomy can provide an essential contribution to debunk creationist anti-evolutionary arguments. It does so by scrutinizing the taxonomic basis of the “Atlas of Creation”, the major opus of the Turkish creationist consortium operating under the pen name Harun Yahya. The basic aim of the Atlas of Creation is to prove that evolution does not occur by showing that fossil and recent organisms are identical, i.e. have not changed since their divine creation. However, the taxonomic foundation onto which this argument is built is completely flawed, up to the point of being hilarious. As such the Atlas of Creation has not the slightest biological credibility, let alone that it would represent a serious challenge for evolutionary theory. So taxonomy can indeed effectively contribute to countering creationist theories.