Lezing door Prof. Marc Bekoff

November 2009

21/11/2009: Lezing door Prof. Marc Bekoff

14 u, Lezing door Prof. em. Marc Bekoff, (University of Colorado, Boulder), gedragsbioloog, auteur van onder meer Wild Justice. The moral lives of animals
Universiteit Gent, Blandijnberg 2, Gent, auditorium A (gelijkvloers), iedereen welkom, toegang gratis.
abstract: Much research clearly shows that animals are emotional and empathic beings and that they display moral intelligence. Animals' lives are very public, not hidden, private, or secret, and the privacy of mind argument that we can never know what animals are thinking or feeling is over-used and goes against solid arguments based on evolutionary continuity. In my talk I'll present some background information about the emotional lives of animals and to make my case about animal morality, what I call ‘wild justice’, I'll focus on the details of social play behavior in young domestic dogs, coyotes, and wolves, and the many ways in which individuals play cooperatively and fairly. I conclude that there is no ‘moral gap’ between nonhuman and human animals and that humans are not alone in the ‘moral arena’.

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